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Manu National Park is one of the largest tropical park in South America, located in the South East region of Peru, located in the last buttresses Andean department of Cusco and Madre de Dios jungle. It covers 2 million square hectares of territory rich in flora and fauna with a variety of habitats Andean high Andean tropical and subtropical regions. This natural paradise recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve, and boasts the greatest biodiversity in protected areas of rainforest and several species endemic to the cloud forest.

Currently many of these forests around the world are being impacted by human actions, but we are fortunate to have a Manu almost intact, untouched by civilization, we can still observe in the wild species in imminent danger of extinction such as the giant river otter (Pteronura brasiliensis), Black Caiman (Melanosuchus Niger), the majestic Jaguar (Panthera onca), the rare Spectacled Bear (Tremarctos ornatus), and other animals such as tapirs, ocelots, thirteen species of primates and over a thousand species of birds, including 7 species of macaws.

Manu 8d/7n, Peru


Day 1

Departure from Cusco early in the morning in a vehicle specially equipped for the route. Interesting cross valleys and picturesque rural communities. Mid morning we visit the Pre-Inca tombs of Ninamarca, known as "Chullpas" then to go to Paucartambo typical colonial town of great importance at that time and still retains its flavor. Continuing the journey of ascent to the pass at 3,850 meters Acjanacu From here we will descend through the cloud forest, an area rich in endemic species as the spectacled bear and cock of the rock, orchids, bromeliads, ferns, etc.. We spend our first night comfortably installed in our Orquídeas San Pedro.

Day 2

Very early we will see interesting dance of courtship of the cock of the rocks, Peru national bird, who has a striking plumage of orange color very intense installed in a camouflaged platform; After breakfast we continue our trip by bus, crossing the high jungle, arriving at the town of Pilcopata, subsequently to the Atalaya port, situated on the banks of the Alto Madre de Dios River, at 700 m.a.s. place where we will start the descent by the river for 15 minutes approximately. You'll see the huge diversity of species of birds, such as herons, vultures, cormorants, etc. until you reach our Erika private reserve where we will walk by the interesting trails of this transitional point between high forest and lowland.

Overnight at the hostel.

1. Free Option

From Pilcopata embark on a journey of approximately 1 ½ hours of river rafting (class I and II) by the rivers Koshñipata and / or Alto Madre de Dios, past the spectacular Pong Koñeq where we stop for sightseeing and a swim in its waters.

2. new! Optional

walk through the trail that leads us to the observation platform located 15 feet above the lick itself where we wait for the herd of peccaries to observe and photograph it in action. Important: The successful observation depends on luck on availability and weather conditions.

Day 3

After breakfast, we board our boat to sail along the Alto Madre de Dios River to Boca Manu destination. This boat trip is an opportunity to observe birds such as black skimmers, herons and several species of kingfishers, swallows and flycatchers. In the village of Boca Manu is possible to buy the latest supplies and cold drinks. We spent the night in the hostel Boca. Possibility of a short night walk.

3. Free Option - Canopy tour

Our customers Erika Lodge have the opportunity to move from tree to tree and platform to platform using a horizontal cable harnesses with a rail system with sliding in at high speed on the cup trees of this fabulous Amazon where you can see from the top diversity and other birds in the area. Expert guides assist you at all times during this exciting experience and will explain everything interesting to observe from the moment you leave the ground until you rappel down from 30 meters.

Day 4

On our boat we go to the parrot clay lick, a clay wall of the river where different species of parrots like the dark blue head, white eyed parakeets, among others, go every morning to extract and bits of clay lick. Upon completion of this activity, we will stop in Limonal, which present the necessary documents to control entry into the reserve. Take a trip on the Manu River upstream, leaving all traces of civilization to the heart of Reserved Area for approximately 4 hours to Lake Salvador, where we spend the next two nights in our safari camp which has double rooms fully meshed, screened dining room, services toilet including showers, radio communications and photovoltaics.

During this trip you will see a number of bird species, alligators, river turtles and mammals often sunning on the beach or feeding in the surrounding trees. This tour shows us the vastness of our forests. After lunch we spent our time walking in search of wildlife in this pristine forest and talk about general ecology.

Day 5

Early in the morning probably us you wake up the howler monkey declaring its territory before others. Before breakfast we have a morning walk because the temperature at this time makes it common to find animals in search of food. We will explore  Salvador Lake  using the catamaran, and can see some species of fauna such as the giant Otter (Pteronura brasiliensis), a species in extinction, important inhabitant that you can see fishing, playing or swimming, in the same way to the black Cayman (Melanosuchus niger), to the Hoatzin (bird prehistoric) (Ophisthocomus hoatzin), to the spider monkey (Ateles paniscus), etc. and flora of their surroundings; then we return to the camp where our friendly staff will be waiting to offer us a delicious breakfast. We go through a primary forest with greater diversity of species with direction to Cocha Otorongo, lagoon where there is an observation tower strategically located 15 meters from which we will have the opportunity to appreciate the landscape of the surrounding primary forest and more likely to see the resident family of giant otters, as well as great opportunities to observe birds that inhabit the canopies. Return to Salvador we have the possibility to use the catamaran from Salvador Lake and with help of our flashlights to observe the Cayman black coming out in search of their prey. Overnight in our safari camp.

Day 6

This day again we wake up early to hike around Salvador Lake then Pack and address our boat which brings us current down slowly by the Manu River below go to Boca Manu, small village located at the confluence of the Manu and Alto Madre de Dios rivers. From this point, the River takes the name of Madre de Dios, becoming the Hydrographic Department of Madre de Dios axis, to the evening, We arrive to the Juan de Dios reserve private where walk by its interesting trail system, we will pass one more night wrapped by the magic of the Amazon rainforest. Possibility to make a short night walk for the search for the American Toad, kafei frogs, tree frogs and a lot of colorful and interesting insects. Overnight  at the hostel

Day 7

This day we rise early again for walking around Salvador Lake and then pack up and board our boat takes us downstream slowly headed down the Manu River to Boca Manu then, a small village located at the confluence of the Manu and Alto Madre of God. From this point the river takes the name of Mother of God, becoming the hub Hydrographic Department of Madre de Dios, in the evening, will arrive at the Private Reserve of John of God where you walk your interesting system of trails, spend a night surrounded by the magic of the Amazon rainforest. Possibility of a short night walk to search for the American toad, frogs, horns, tree frogs and a host of colorful insects. Overnight at the lodge.

Around mid morning sailed up the River Alto Madre de Dios always observing the great diversity of birds. We spent the night in our hostel or camping Erika in an appropriate beach, last night in this wonderful Amazon jungle.

Day 8

Waking up very early to continue plying the river port of Atalaya where we will arrive at dusk and then take the bus back to Cusco arriving at this late at night or the next day early in the morning. END OF OUR SERVICES.

IMPORTANT: In order to meet the guide and the group of participants, and giving last recommendations and answer questions, the day before departure at 7:00 pm we have a meeting at the agency.

  • Transportation.
  • River Transport (fleet of the boats ith outboard motors, roof, ota de botes con motor fuera de borda, techados).
  • Full boating equipment if you take the option, 01 Orchid night San Pedro, 01 nights in Erika Lodge, meals (vegetarian option also available).
  • Bilingual guide especializaded.
  • Procedures for obtaining permission to enter the P.N.M.
  • Radio communication equipment at all points of stay.
  • As an additional service we offer guardianship and luggage safe for documents and valuables.
Not Included
  • Carbonated beverages.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Tips.
  • Breakfast on the first day .
  • Dinner on the lastday.
  • Snacks.
We recommend bringing
  • Sleeping bag ( Opcional).
  • Towel for the whole trip.
  • Bathing suit, sandals, drug, and implements of personal hygiene.
  • Sneakers or hiking shoes.
  • Flashlight with spare batteries and bulbs.
  • Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen.
  • Insect repellent (recommended 40% or more DEET).
  • Waterproof, long-sleeved shirts and cotton trousers.
  • Warm clothes, just in case.
  • Binoculars, camera films (preferably ASA 400).
  • backpack luggage, backpack small, plastic bags.
  • A water bottle for the first day.
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